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Anthracite 25kg


Anthracite smokeless fuel

Our Anthracite is a natural smokeless fuel, and probably the most known as being a smokeless fuel. It has a long burning time but is slightly harder to light. To compensate for this, it has a high heat output and is great for use in room heaters as well as branded products such as AGA’s or Rayburns. can be used in multifuel stoves too, but most customers prefer the ovals.

Calco 25KG


Calco 25kg

also known as petco extremely hot burning, low ash for use in open fire not recommended for multi fuel stoves or cookers THIS WILL BE DELIVERED IN A OPEN BAG DUE TO NEW LAWS  

Excel 25kg

Excel Smokeless Fuel is a premium ovoid, generates a lot off heat, very little ash & is Slow Burning for use in open fires, Multifuel Stoves & Room heaters please note this is genuine Excel not the fake version.

Glolite Smokeless Fuel 25kg

There are many reasons you should choose Glolite fuel, but the number one is because it gives you everything you need in one neat little package. You'll love our clean burn, rich heat, and long burn time. What's more is that our smokeless fuel has a minimal ash content. Easy to light, providing sustained and controllable heat and burns to a fine residual ash. An ever popular smokeless fuel suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves that can be burnt in smoke control areas

Homefire 25KG


Smokeless Coal

Homefire smokeless coal is one of the best performing smokeless coals money can buy, it burns with an attractive flame and the heat output is amazing, it burns 30% hotter than regular house coal and burns throughout the night to leave you waking up warm and comfortable the next day. suitable for open fires, multi fuel stoves & room heaters

Lignite Nuggets 25KG

Peat based smokeless fuel burns to a fine powder, medium ash content nice steady flame with good heat output suitable for open fires & multifuel stoves  

Premium Ovals (Glolite) 25kg


Smokeless Ovals

these ovals are easy to light, Long Burning, low ash & Give a very good heat.

Supertherm 250kg Pack

10 x 25kg Supertherm Smokeless Fuel 10 x Kiln Dried Hardwood Nets 10 x Kiln Dried Kindling 5 x Wood Wool Firelighters Perfect Pack for Multi Fuel Stoves

Supertherm 25kg


Supertherm Smokeless fuel

heats approved smokeless fuels, very slow burning, low ash content & easy to light will keep your fire in overnight for use in open fires, multifuel stoves & room heaters.    

Surelite 250kg Pack

Surelite Smokeless Fuel is the easiest way to heat your home. The special design of our Ovoid means you can worry less about ventilation and lighting, and more about getting an awesome night's sleep. Plus, this fuel lasts for ages and is easy to light. 250kg Sure lite Smokeless Fuel 10 x Kiln Dried Hardwood Nets 10 x Kiln Dried Kindling 5 x Wood Wool Firelighters Perfect Pack for Open Fires or Multi Fuel Stoves.

Surelite Smokeless Fuel 25KG

The Surelite Smokeless Fuel is the perfect fuel for your camping stove. It's designed just like an egg, has low ash content, and lasts for ages. All you have to do is light with a match, and you're good to go!