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20kg Postcrete

£6.50 Exc Tax
  Ready Mixed Post Fix For all wooden, metal, concrete posts, signs, lighting posts & more.

20m Clean Limestone

£50.00 Exc Tax
Ideal for boarders and driveways as cheaper alternative to decorative gravel. Can also be used in concrete.

25kg Cement

£7.00 Exc Tax
  versatile cement, developed for use by the general builder or DIY enthusiast that may be used in concrete, render, mortar and screeds

6m Clean Limestone

£50.00 Exc Tax
6m Limestone perfect for pipe bedding.

All In Ballast 20m

£50.00 Exc Tax
All in ballast is a 50/50 mixture of sharp sand and 10/20mm gravel. It is used in the production of

Building Sand Bulk Bag

£50.00 Exc Tax
  red building sand can be used for various construction purposes.

Granite Dust ‘Grano’

£60.00 Exc Tax
Crushed Granite from 4m to dust. Can be used in concrete or mortar mixes. Mainly used when installing artificial turf

Grit Sand (Sharp Sand) Bulk Bag

£45.00 Exc Tax
  Suitable for screening and external rendering sand, laying flags, slabs as well as block paving. The sand is also used for mixing mortars, renders and bricklaying projects where a smooth finish is required.

Mot Bulk Bag

£35.00 Exc Tax
  MOT Type 1 limestone is used commonly as a sub-base for paths, drives, patios, and many other construction jobs

Top Soil Bulk Bag

£60.00 Exc Tax

Topsoil Bags - UK Delivery

Our topsoil is screened to remove stones and other materials that can damage lawnmowers and machinery. The process also ensures that the product is as fine as it can be for optimum results when used in gardens and landscaping projects.

Turf 1m Roll

£3.50 Exc Tax
High Quality 1m roll of Turf