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10mm Golden Gravel Bulk Bag

£85.00 Exc Tax
  Golden Gravel 6-10mm is our most popular multicoloured natural garden gravel.

10mm Polar White Bulk Bag

£165.00 Exc Tax
  Very bright and suitable for paths or ground cover  

10mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel Bulk Bag

£55.00 Exc Tax
  Staffordshire Pink 10mm A general purpose economically priced 10mm Gravel ideal for use in drainage, paths, driveways and borders.

10mm Trent Gravel Bulk Bag

£90.00 Exc Tax
  10mm Trent valley gravel is a great addition to any outdoor space. It's gorgeous natural tones compliment and brighten a wide range of areas.

20-40mm White Cobbles Bulk Bag

£175.00 Exc Tax
  An attractive pure white tumbled pebble, these 20-40mm white pebbles are ideal for using in and around your garden project or to create decorative borders.

20kg Postcrete

£6.50 Exc Tax
  Ready Mixed Post Fix For all wooden, metal, concrete posts, signs, lighting posts & more.

20m Clean Limestone

£50.00 Exc Tax
Ideal for boarders and driveways as cheaper alternative to decorative gravel. Can also be used in concrete.

250kg Coal Bunker

£120.00 Exc Tax
250kg Galvanised steel coal bunker Approximate Dimensions: Width 77cm (31in) , Depth 57 cm (23in), Height 90cm (36in) This galvanised steel coal bunker is perfect for storing the large amount of coal you need for winter.

25kg Cement

£7.00 Exc Tax
  versatile cement, developed for use by the general builder or DIY enthusiast that may be used in concrete, render, mortar and screeds

3 Bag Crate Of Kiln Dried

£342.86 Exc Tax
Heat up your home with a crate of our kiln dried log. These logs are imported from Latvia and have a moisture content that is not too high or too low. They light very easily and burn with a high heat output for hours, given the right kind of heat. The size is 25cm in length and will fit most UK log burners. log type is mainly ash or birch which we find are the best types off firewood. there are many cheaper alternative logs but works out more costly in the long run using double the amount to get to the heat

5 x Kiln Dried Hardwood Nets

£28.57 Exc Tax
Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, below 20% Moisture Ready to burn straight away Perfect for log Burning Fire & Pizza Ovens

6m Clean Limestone

£50.00 Exc Tax
6m Limestone perfect for pipe bedding.